Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cove Soda?

Cove Soda is Canada’s first all-natural, zero sugar soda to include 1 billion probiotics. It’s naturally flavoured, coloured and sweetened while also certified organic. Plus, there’s 80% of your daily vitamin C in each can!

Is there any Sugar in your Soda and What Kind?

Our soda is zero sugar! Instead, our sodas are crafted with an all-natural, proprietary plant blend to sweeten your drink of stevia and erythritol!

Does Your Soda Need to be Refrigerated?

Nope! Cove Soda is 100% shelf-stable 😊

How Much Caffeine is in your Soda?

Our soda is caffeine-free!

Are You Vegan? Dairy-Free? Gluten-Free? What About Non-GMO?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! We’re also 100% nut free!

Are your sodas pregnancy-safe!


Can kids drink Cove Soda?

Our soda is 100% kid (and parent 😉) approved.

How Many Sodas Can I Have In A Day?

At 0 calories and zero grams of sugar, you can enjoy these bad boys all day long if you want!

My Cove Soda has some separation. Is it safe to drink?

We use natural ingredients to colo(u)r our Cove Soda, which might settle at the bottom. This only affects a tiny portion of our product, usually towards the end of a batch as it is being produced. So if you notice some separation, rest assured, it’s perfectly safe to drink and enjoy! We’re also working on a remedy that allows for proper consistency.

Is Cove soda safe for diabetics?

Yes! Cove soda is completely safe for diabetics!